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TITLE Green Superintendent Head Golf Professional Food & Beverage Managers Bar Supervisor General Manager
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DETAILS Chad joined AGYC in 1989, he has been a GCSAA/WWGCSAA Member since 2000 and the GCSAA/AGYC Superintendent since 2004.

Chad was raised on a farm in the Walla Walla Valley and joined the Alderbrook staff the summer of 1989 while attending college. He fell in love the the area and has never left but does frequently fisit the island of Oahu, almost 50 times during the past 25 years. Chad spends most of his free time bending iron in the free weights section of the Shelton Athletic Club or on the softball diamonds along the I-5 corridor. He is an avid sports fan who’s teams and loyalties lie with the Seahawks, Mariners and Huskies.

From Chad:
"The greatest thing about being a Golf Course Superintendent is your resume is only as good as the golf course plays on that given day." The golf course is a living breathing entity and requires attention to detail and TLC much like a child. Each day is a blessing and opportunity to rise and shine and take Alderbrook to the next level. There is a saying that goes "Love what you do and do what you love" This saying is what being a Golf Course Superintendent is all about.

Mission Statement:
To promote the game of golf; the science and art of golf course management; the involvement and well being of the community; the organization and business effectiveness of the profession; the image and well being of its members through the timely use of present day educational, communications and management means.
Jake started at Alderbrook Golf in Sept 2016. His background includes five seasons at Sand Point County Club. He was the 2011 class valedictorian at the Golf Academy of America in Chandler, Arizona, where he earned an Associate Degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management and certificates in teaching, club building/repair, general management and tournament operations. He also has over 12 months of advanced USGA Rules of Golf training. In May 2014, Jake became a PGA Certified Professional after earning a certificate in Golf Operations, an achievement that only 2 percent of PGA’s 27,000 members have earned. Jake has developed a special interest in junior golf and loves to teach.

Jake graduated from Washington State University in 2005 with a degree in English. Prior to his college graduation, Jake enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2004, and was a commissioned as an officer in 2006 where he was a platoon commander, executive officer and assistant battalion operations officer for the 3rd battalion, 11th Marine Regiment. After completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jake separated from the Marine Corp in June 2010 having achieved the rank of Captain.
After working in restaurants since their teens, retirement didn’t set very well with Jane and Leon Longan. “I was just going to stay home and be a grandma,” says Jane. “But Leon is not one to sit still.” Soon they were looking for a new adventure.

The couple had owned the popular pasta and seafood restaurant, Gardners, in Olympia, an intimate 11-table venue. They had both worked there, Jane as a waitress, Leon as a chef, for eight years before they bought the restaurant in 1990. They owned Gardners until 2006 when they sold it to an employee, but they continued to work there until 2013.

“It was delightful,” Jan recalled. “In many ways it was like the Alderbrook Clubhouse. We had many, many regular customers and the general age was a little older.”

When retirement grew stale, Leon applied as a chef at Little Creek Casino. While waiting to hear on that job, he decided to put his name in at Alderbrook Resort and Spa. The Longans, however, decided to stop by the Alderbrook Clubhouse for a cocktail before going to the Resort.

“It was so beautiful,” Jane said. “The fireplace was going. We never made it to the Resort.”

The Clubhouse was in need of both a chef and a waitress, and Jane and Leon were soon hired. They became managers of the food and beverage operations about a year later, in July, 2015. They have put their many years of restaurant experience to good use, making the Clubhouse popular with members and the public alike.

“It’s a wonderful place because of the members,” Jane said.

Leon started his restaurant career as a dishwasher when he was 15, but “three weeks later I was a pizza cook,” he said, That was at a place in Shelton called Mr. Cs, which later became Bellagambes and is where Jane and Leon first met. The chef there was Gene Gardner, who later founded Gardners in Olympia and took Leon and Jane with him. Leon has brought many of his favorite recipes, such as stuffed mushrooms, chicken piccata, and seafood fettuccini from his days at Gardners. He is delighted to find new ideas and opportunities for the Alderbrook community.

“We really enjoy working here,” Jane says. “It’s a happy place.”

Jane and Leon, parents of two adult daughters and four granddaughters, live in Shelton. They are expecting a grandson next year.

My name is Ben Kersey, and I could not be happier to be your new bar supervisor at a place as beautiful as the Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club. The first restaurant where I worked was a little pizza place in Southern Utah at the entrance to Zion National Park. I started there at the ripe age of 12, and that experience kindled my love of the service industry. Many years later, I found myself in bars and restaurants of all different settings.

It was after high school that my grandfather sat me down and passed on his words of wisdom. He was fighting his battle with cancer. and I would spend many days visiting with him and listening to all he had to say. One day he said, “Benjamin, when you get to my age, all you can do is look back. I have many regrets of things I’ve never done. I encourage you to go out, explore the world, live your dreams, and accomplish everything you desire.” He passed away the following Thursday. After his funeral, I booked a trip to Asia. Over the course of my twenties, I travelled to over forty countries on six continents. The miles were long and the road was tough, but that experience shaped me into the man I am today.

I was born and raised in Southern California. Five years ago I moved to Seattle. I always had a strong love of the Pacific Northwest, and this was the place I wanted to end up. While working downtown for five years, I developed wonderful relationships and enjoyed Seahawks game days, as they were busy to the point of total exhaustion. Volume bartending was a passion, and striving for great service was always in the forefront of my mind.

I met my fiancé, by mere chance, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. We decided that some land and a house of our own was the next step for our life. We searched high and low and eventually stumbled upon Union. The small-town feel and sense of community immediately drew us to the area. We found a house for sale on Mason Lake with some acreage for us to start and grow our family. We have a wonderful dog named Percy Kersey. He likes running around our forest, getting belly rubs and eating treats.

I look forward to meeting all of you eventually. If anyone would like to chat or have a drink, you can find me at the bar, your bar.
Claire Richmond has years of career success in large-scale community management, plus community association leadership and experience.
Claire is certified by the Community Association Institute (CAI) as an Association Management Specialist (AMS), a designation for community managers with advanced skills, knowledge and experience. Claire also holds the CMCA designation, awarded for expertise in managing condominium, cooperative and homeowners associations.

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